The Intensity of Balmain

While some may have started their morning with the typical cup of coffee, I began my morning with It has to be one of my most favorite places; for it brings me as close I could possibly be to the runway…well that’s until I work my way up the fashion ladder.

Balmain has been my favorite for a few seasons now and of course I’m in love with the latest show as well. Yes, the designer is known for threads of bondage… You know, short dresses gripping a woman’s form and holding things in and up like never before! Bondage was definitely present in this collection but say hello to the Balmain drape! Pants and tops draped over the models as they strut down the runway. A golden yellow hue paired up with black leather, crisp white, double breasted pieces, and satin lapels, yes of courses I can’t forgetting the lengthy flowing flare pants. Take a peek.








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Set Sail into Resort 2015

I use to think that Pre-Fall and Winter Collections were my favorite but I’m beginning to sway towards the looks of Resort 2015. I’m going to create a post with my favorite looks from Resort 2015 but MSGM has a collection that couldn’t be divided.

Feel free to blame the Floridian in me for loving such a thing; I’m sure you would just love the collection just as much as I do.

MSGM Resort 2015 is crisp, breezy, vibrant, and clean. Mini skirts are paired with boxy tops, sandals of course… I mean it is Resort. One catch, sandals… with a platform…flatforms maybe? Kimono-style outwear, flowing maxi skirts, palazzo pants, visors and such. Pineapples get in where they fit in and boy do they fit. There’s so much that I could go on about but I’ll let you see for yourself.












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Summer Uniform

This summer I don’t have much free time outside of work so my outfit selection has become rather slim. These pants were an investment since I don’t normally spend 100 dollars on a pair of trousers but aren’t they great? They are one of my favorite staples for the summer. The fabric is light and breathable. They are from one of my favorite collections (within my reach); the Zara Woman Collection that is. So far I’ve paired them of with a fresh poplin shirt, a graphic t, and a black button up for going out. I’ve worn these pants I don’t know how many times but they sure are great! What is apart of your summer uniform?





Zara Woman Collection Pants 99.90
TRF Collections Poplin Top 35.90
Forever 21 Necklace 11.80
H&M Birki’s 26.00

Date Nite

Date Nite

Essentials for a Classic Hint of Posh

Essentials for a Classic Hint of Posh

Chloe shorts

Chanel purse

Miss Selfridge wool hat

The perfect Day Party Look

The perfect Day Party Look

Jil Sander crop top

Burberry black purse

Dolce Gabbana coin jewelry
$765 –

Tom Ford sunglasses

Easy Breezy Culotte Season


      T’is  the season to let your bottoms flow. I’ve always loved culottes and everything that could be paired with them. They were my favorite in high school. Culottes have made a great come-back and unlike most trends they haven’t changed a bit. I know what you’re thinking. ” They may make me look heavier or even sloppy.” Cut it out! The secret to piling (layering) properly is to have a great balance. If your top is baggy or cropped, your bottom should be fitted, high-waisted, of slim in the waist. It’s just that simple. Once you learn your curves and what makes them look great, you’ll create great looks daily.



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