Sport Luxe



The sporty look has been my ‘thing’ for the last two seasons. I mean I’m really on a roll. Sneakers, bombers, backpacks and such. Let’s not forget about my new favorite dress and sneakers from Zara ( did I really have to say where I purchased it from). Being a good sport has of course become the thing to do for Fall/Winter. Collections.From the girly girl stance, I like my sports prim and proper. You know, mixing tough with luxe.No one said rush out of your home looking as if you’re ready for a tackle! Instead mix things up like pairing sneakers with a dress or skirt. Bomber jackets layering a chiffon or silk blouse. Easy? Yes of course. Now show me what you’ve got.



Tweed Uproar!



      Tweed is no stranger to Fall/Winter but it has definitely changed its form! Sneakers…I haven’t been a fan of them since the 7th grade but I must say that I’m considering a pair this season. Chanel, Dior, Zara, and I’m sure many more designers , have presented girly girls like myself with the perfect sneaker. There will always be Nike, New Balance, and let’s not forget Adidas but there is something about the Fashion Sneaker that makes everything so right.


     I  have to be honest, the Chanel sneaker is a bit on the pricey side but if you can afford them, I say go for the splurge! The Zara sneaker is defintely in my price range since it’s a huge possibility that these beauties will probably be in my closet more than they would on my feet (honesty at its finest).  You can find the Zara replica here—bags/woman/shoes/combined-trainers-c665017p1984798.html.


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H&M A/W Studio Hit


H&M has become one of my favorite fast fashion stops lately. In the past I would never spend a minute in H&M because they never had any of the “high fashion” items that I would find on their website.

The nonsense is over and I am no longer saying H&M is the queen of false advertisement! The A/W Studio Collection has to be one of the best collections that I’ve seen from the retailer. It’s a bit on the pricey side but well worth it. My favorite items are the leather hoodie with matching trousers. Toffee is a hue that we may get sick of by the end of winter but I’m in love as if right now. I also love the satin dresses, they appear to have the perfect drape without looking like you’ve stepped outside in your night gown.

The sporty trend has of course relapsed but with a twist. What’s fall without a bomber jacket? Fur coats? Yes of course, you must have at least one of each but this time, pair it with a delicate piece.








The fashion (Ad)dict

It’s the ads that gets me revved up for fashion and it’s ready-to-wear collections and even more excited about the upcoming Fashion Week exposing all new threads to come.

Fashion Week is the closet we’ll get to predicting our future and sometimes that even falls short. I’m so excited to see what Spring 2015 has to offer but I’m amazed but the intensity of the Fall/Winter collections.

From the tough side of Moschino to the masculinity of Escada, the bejeweled goddess of Alexander McQueen and all the other finer threads.

Fashion ads has to be something that is a bit old fashioned but definitely here to stay. Could you image your favorite magazine without ads from your favorite designer? Yep, me neither. Advertisement has grown like no other but something’s thing are perfect being the same.

Here’s a few of my favorite ads.






Monkey See…


Quick! Would you wear these 3.1 Phillip Lim apron trousers? I’m sure most of my readers instantly said no. Oh but what about…now?


Yes of course 75 percent of you who said heck no! “I’d never wear such a thing!” While others simply chuckled and said no…the moment you laid eyes on your dear Beyonce you instantly fell in love with such a trouser and immediately tried to think of ways that you could blow a nice 650 bucks on a pair a pants you have nothing to wear with. Originality and perspective has pretty much gone with the wind. Celebrities today are giving models a run for their money. The more the music industry and fashion begin to mate, the more designers wish to have the star of the hour in their threads instead of the perfectly shaped model. Now tell me, who leads your style?

Quick Fix

Every once and almost never, I have moments when just don’t feel like dealing with my hair. I love change and I get bored with my hair at times so I try to find ways to spice it up. I wore a Zara Man Collection scarf to an outing with friends and it made my simple look complete. There’s nothing to it, just twist the scarf together and go for the tie that you like and there you have it. Quick and easy hair.